About Us

EFR Kalip was established in 2009 as a small workshop operating in a60m² closed area in Izmir. the company took the first CNC vertical machining center and moved to its new place with a closed area of 160 m² after one year. it moved its production to its place in MANİSA which has 600 m² closed area at 2012 EFR Kalıp started to implement ISO9001-2008 quality management system at the beginning of 2013 EFR is keep in investing regarding on client requests. Today serving in 1800 m2 own production area.
EFR Kalip, which combines knowledge with current technologies; Panel Padiator, Automotive, conditioning Heating-Cooling , home Electronics and food sectors for mold spare parts and sheet metal parts production.
Machine Park
  • Eccentric Press 400 TON, 250 TON, 150 TON, 125 TON, 100 TON H, 100 TON H, 80 TON, 80 TON
  • Guillotine DURMA MS 1504 4m x 1500mm
  • CNC Vertical Hartford x:1000mm y:600mm z:450mm
    KAOMING x:2250mm y:1450mm z:750mm
  • Universal Milling Milling x:800mm y:300mm z:350mm
    NC Energy Milling x:900mm y:500mm z:400mm
  • Wire Cutting Mitsubishi FX10 x:350mm y:250mm z:200mm
  • Profile Grinding Blohm HFS 204
  • Surface Grinding KENT USA x:800mm y:400mm
  • Coordinated hole Grinding DECKEL x:400mm y:200mm
    Dimention Max:200mm Min:1mm
  • Plunge Erosion Ajan 50
  • Milling Vouga 1 Mt.